Equipment for the meat industry

SIND production and trade company was founded in 1989 as a family business.
The main activity is the service of machinery and equipment for the meat industry.
We offer all kinds of butchery machinery, which are used in the meat industry, and you can always look at the offer Meat machines SIND
We also offer a complete range of EQUIPMENT
Behind us is 30 years of business, we are always trying to be innovative.
We invite you to visit us and see the quality of our offer and services!

Here you can watch a short promo film that shows only a part of our offer.

Meat industry

The meat industry SIND started operating in 1994.
In processing and production, the prescribed conditions for performing registered activities, production of pork and beef meat as well as dried meat products are fulfilled.
We distribute our products through megamarket networks, and one part through our own retail facilities.

Catering, bakery and confectionery equipment

In 2019, SIND will launch a new business segment.
We start with the import of new equipment for catering, baking, confectionery as well as equipping fast food facilities and pizzerias, cafes and bars.
We offer a complete range of equipment that you can see in our new showroom as well as on our website dedicated to this business segment.
It is located at Bakery machines, catering and confectionery equipment SIND
We invite you to visit us and see for yourself the quality of our offer and service!
Here you can watch a short promo film that shows only a part of our offer.

Spices and additives

Since 2011, in the meat industry we have spice mixtures, functional mixtures for the meat industry, natural and plastic coatings.
We are representatives of a renowned European manufacturer of spice mixtures:
Ion Mos


From 2016 we offer electric, diesel and gas forklifts of renowned European manufacturers
Linde, Still ...


This is currently the youngest sector of our business.
We offer specialized vehicles with a plus and minus cooling system, specialized vehicles and passenger vehicles.


About us

SIND d.o.o.

"Where there is a will, there's a way!" - we have to go forward!
"Come, our door is always open, for You, for Serbia, for Europe"
Those are the words of the founder of "SIND" Zivko Mihailovic.
Founders "SIND" are Zivko i Branka Mihailovic.
Company for production and turnover "SIND" is organized as a limited liability company with the participation of 100% private equity.
The company started working as a service of butcher machines, in order to later build a modern slaughterhouse with meat processing and networks of retail facilities.
In recent times, we have continued to expand our activities, so we offer spices, additives and coatings for the meat industry, forklifts , passenger and light delivery vehicles. Bakery, catering, confectionary equipment, as well as equipment for fast food and pizzerias.
"SIND" currently employs 40 workers.

Ivan Mihailovic
Ivan Mihailovic
Managing Director (CEO)


Veljko Mihailovic
Veljko Mihailovic
Sales director (COO)


Sind d.o.o.

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Company info

Company name: SIND d.o.o.
(SIND company for production, commodity turnover and service doo Cerovac)
Identification number: 07366086
TAX ID: 100126252
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